How to Choose the Best Lash Set for Your Eye Shape

How to Choose the Best Lash Set for Your Eye Shape

Determining what lash set is best for you can be confusing. Fear not Eyelash Club has some tips for your next visit. The right set of lashes will accent your best features and give you that glam lifted look right out of bed. 

Lashes are very customizable. There are different curls, diameters, and lengths. The mix of all these together is what creates the perfect set for you. Your lash tech can determine what is best for your natural lashes and eye shape. Everyone’s eye shapes are different, in fact, some people can have two different eye shapes, this is where the artistry of your lash tech comes in. Your techs selection of the correct lashes can make all the difference. Our experienced lash techs at Eyelash Club know the best way to accentuate your specific eye shape using the various lashes to accent your best features. 

A more curled lash will give you a more dramatic lifted look, while shorter lashes tend to create a darker fuller appearance near the lash line. 

If you have almond eyes you are in luck! Almond is one of the most universal eye shapes. You can use any length and curl. Feel free to switch up your eye looks. 

For people with wide set eyes it is recommended that you have shorter lashes in the inner corner and longer in the center in order to give the look of your eyes being closer together. 

If you have close set eyes longer lengths will be super flattering to your eye shape. Curlier lashes at the inner corner blended into a slightly less curled lash will give your eyes the

appearance that they are slightly farther apart. This eye shape also looks great with the classic cat eye. 

For people with downturned eyes it can be one of the trickier eye shapes. This is where an experienced lash tech can help give their expertise to give the look you want. Downturned eye requires more lift on the outer corners than other eye shapes. You will want a slightly curlier lash to lift the outer corners of the eye to give them balance and lift your features. 

If you have a monolid eye, more than likely your lashes are mostly straight rather than curled. This eye shape is flattering with a style that has more of a flare on the outer corners for more openness and length. The lashes should create the illusion of an elongated eye. The classic cat eye looks beautiful on this eye shape. 

Hooded or deep-set eyes can feel discouraged when it comes to lashes. Depending on how deep set your eyes are you may have experienced your lash touching your lid. Fear not this is what lash techs use an “L curl” for. This curl is designed specifically to first extend outwards away from the lid and then curl up. This keeps the lashes from rubbing against the eyelid while still giving the eye lift and volume. For a less hooded eye a “C curl” can also achieve the same results. 

People with prominent set eyes are recommended to do a “D curl”. Typically, a shorter length looks best on this eye shape. 

Lashes are an art form. They can lift and change the way you look and accent your best features. Having a great lash tech can make all the difference. The shapes of our eyes are unique to you just as the set of lashes your tech creates for you. Our experienced lash techs have the knowledge to create a beautiful set of lashes on any eye shape. Book your appointment today!

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