How to Wash Your Eyelash Extensions

How to Wash Your Eyelash Extensions

After receiving your set of eyelash extensions at Eyelash Club, a crucial part to their longevity is the maintenance of them. It’s important that washing your lashes does not go ignored and should be done on a regular basis. Natalie Piper, international training manager at British eyelash extension company Lash Perfect says, “Not only will your lash extensions look fresher after a daily clean, but they will also last for longer”. At Eyelash Club we recommend our lash cleansing foam which controls infection-causing bacteria. The rich bubbles clean facial dirt, grease and residual makeup and help retain skin’s moisture. When washing lashes, it’s also important to be gentle and to use fiber-free cloth or clean makeup brush so that fibers don’t get caught in the lashes. 






Failure to take care of your lashes could result in dirt and bacteria build up causing infections, irritation, the eyelashes falling out prematurely, and most scary eyelash mites. After receiving your eyelash extensions, you are advised not to get them wet for 1-2 days. Dr. Sophie Shotter, medical director and founder of Illuminate Skin Clinic in Kent pointed out that after being told this, clients are fearful of washing their lashes because they think it will make them fall out.  This is actually a myth. You will have more fall out from the natural oils in your skin building up and decreasing the bond strength of the glue. You will also risk getting infection if you do not wash your lashes. For optimal lash retention your should wash your lashes once a day every day especially for clients who wear makeup. Eyelash Club recommends you wash your lashes right before your appointment to get rid of any natural oils and debris from lashes. Check out our Youtube video for more detailed instructions to properly clean your lashes.

The job of your eyelashes is to catch dirt and other debris from getting into your eyes. Dr. Michelle Green, cosmetic dermatologist and chief resident in dermatology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City states that, “When you wear eyelash extensions, you’re more prone to debris getting caught in the lash line; therefore, daily washing is mandatory.” Maintaining good eyelash habits is crucial to happy, healthy, and long lasting lashes. For any additional questions please reach to us at any of the Eyelash Club socials linked below, or call us at (480) 712-9839.

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