Eyelash Extensions Enhance Natural Beauty

Eyelash Extensions- Best Way of Enhancing Natural Beauty


As different beauty trends have changed over the years, one trend that has never gone out of style is a woman’s natural beauty. Women have been chasing the ultimate beauty standards for as long as we know. As a result, finding a natural- looking beauty enhancement, such as lash extensions. Extensions have become more popular to avoid the hassle and time commitment of doing a full face of makeup every morning. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and have lashes that look like you were born with perfect mascara on? Eyelash extensions are a perfect way to enhance your natural beauty and to wake up feeling confident.


Can you wear makeup when you have eyelash extensions?Eyelash Extensions Tempe

It is not recommended that you wear any mascara with your lash extensions. They will look much more full and fluffy with out mascara. Eyeliner is ok to wear as long as it is a water based eyeliner and it is fully removed every night. Makeup must be fully removed always as it can get caught in the lash extensions causing bed retention and premature loss of extensions. The best way to ensure good lash health is to keep your eyes clean a clear as much as possible but no worries for my makeup lovers out there, with good hygiene habits you can create the makeup looks you want.

Can you get natural looking eyelash extensions?

With the different variations of lashes that the Eyelash Club in Tempe offers, you can pick how natural or glamorous you want the extensions to look. Classic lashes are a great upgrade while still looking on the more natural side. Hybrid lashes are a step up from the Classic lashes and add some more volume. Volume lashes do not look natural, as they are more glamorous. For an even more exaggerated look Eyelash Club also offers mega volume lashes. The size, shape, and length of your lash extensions are completely customizable to your unique eyes. The Eyelash Club in Tempe can help you feel beautiful every morning when you wake up and see your new full, voluminous lashes.

Natural Lash Extensions Tempe

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions last about 2 weeks without a fill. Eyelash Club in Tempe, Arizona offers unlimited lash extension fills for one low monthly price. By far the best deal in the Phoenix metropolitan areas. This means as long as you are keeping up with your fill appointments your lashes can last forever. The benefit to the unlimited fills is you will never have to worry about your lashes being sparse. You can literally come in for a fill as many times as you want. If you wanted you could come in 3 times a week, however this wouldn’t be necessary. Eyelash Club recommends their clients get a fill every 10 to 14 days.


Feel more confident without the hassle of makeup and wake up on the right side of the bed every morning with your lash extensions from the Eyelash Club. A well worth it process, the  Eyelash Club’s professional technicians precisely and individually bond the extensions to your natural lashes to help you achieve your #lashgoals, while maintaining the health of your natural lashes. Enhance your eyes and draw attention to this beautiful, expressive feature at the Eyelash Club in Tempe!


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