Are DIY Lash Extensions Safe?

Are DIY lash extensions safe?

Lash Extensions

To get the best results, you need an experienced lash technician, who cares about safety, and a beautiful result. Certified lash artists spend thousands of dollars on their education and hundreds of hours practicing; first on mannequins and then on real people. Are you sure you are ready to face the result of your own lash work, doing this with no previous experience? Not only do you risk giving yourself subpar lashes, you risk losing a lot of your own natural lashes. Lash extension glue is very dangerous if not used properly. Not having the proper qualifications or experience it’s possible to get an allergic reaction to the glue while in the middle of doing your lashes. This will cause your eyes to swell and be extremely painful. In order for someone to put on their own lash extensions, they usually do this with their eyes open or not fully closed. This creates space for the fumes from the glue to enter the eye. And even worse so, could cause the glue to get in your eye which can lead to going blind. Not only can the glue be a danger to your eyes but the sharp tweezers used to apply these extensions could also poke your eye. Instead of running the major risk of damaging your eyes by doing extensions on yourself, you can get them done the safe way by coming into the Eyelash Club to get a full set for $114 with an entire month of free fills. Check out our Instagram for more details.


Can I do lash extensions on myself?

Applying lash extensions on your own lashes while looking at a mirror is an extremely difficult task to do properly. Lash extensions are done by applying one extension on only a single natural lash. That level of precision is why your lash artists spend many hours training; this is not an easy task to achieve, especially doing it on your own lashes. You’re likely to glue several natural lashes together, which would create a difficult end result that isn’t healthy for your eyes. 

Since your lashes all grow and shed at different speeds, if you glued one extension to a group of lashes it would cause a lot of pain and irritation to the lash line because of each lash’s different speed. However the pain might not even be the worst part. Long term improper application could force your natural lashes to fall out and regrow incorrectly or never regrow at all. This will leave a permanent scar which creates a forever bald spot in your lash line in turn giving you thinner and thinner natural lashes. 


Can I safely remove eyelash extensions at home?

Simply said; you should never try and remove your lash extensions yourself. Some websites may recommend things like coconut oil or vaseline to help loosen the glue and get rid of a few extensions, but you should never tug or pull on any extension. Doing this can lead to you pulling out your natural lashes. Since extensions are attached to an individual hair, you are risking pulling out a lot of these which could cause noticeable bald spots in your lash line. Your extensions will eventually all grow out as a part of your natural lash cycle. Typically this process takes about 6-8 weeks and is the safest “at home” removal. At the Eyelash Club, we offer free extension removal for our members. An experienced lash tech can ensure proper removal without any of your natural lashes falling out. If you are unable to go to a professional for any reason, a safe way to help speed up the natural shed of your lashes is by taking a hot, steamy shower. This will help loosen the glue, so that you can then take a clean spoolie with a tiny amount of coconut oil and brush through your lashes. This will slowly help the lashes release over time and safely assist the lash extensions to come off your natural lashes without causing extensive damage. 

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