How Eyelash Extensions Work

How Eyelash Extensions Work

How they’re applied

When scheduling your Full Set lash appointment be sure to allow enough time before your next engagement. Full Sets tend to take between 2 and 3 hours depending on the lash style you want.  Before you can get your new set of lashes done, you need to come to your appointment prepared. This means making sure you aren’t wearing any makeup around your eyes and that your lashes are properly cleaned with a mild soap like our Eyelash Club Lash Cleanser that is available for $9.95. Once at the Eyelash Club for your appointment, your tech will use a sensitive skin-safe tape to keep your bottom lashes out of the way before starting. They will then begin taking individual lashes and gluing the lash extension to it. It sets into place and they continue around each eye until the desired look is achieved. You are welcome to bring in a blanket or neck pillow to ensure you are comfortable throughout the 2 hour process. 


How to care for them

After you’ve gotten your set of lashes done, it’s first important that you don’t touch them for the first few hours to avoid getting oils from your hand on them. In the next 24 hours it’s important that you don’t get them wet or too warm. The glue needs 24 hours in the proper climate to fully sure correctly and ensure the best retention of your lashes. After this point, in order to keep your lashes looking good, you should be washing them with Eyelash Clubs oil-free lash cleanser every day. You can wear makeup, but we recommended staying away from oil based products around the eyes and definitely no mascara on your lash extensions. If you follow these recommendations you should only need a fill Eyelash Extensions Tempeabout every two weeks. Eyelash Club offers unlimited free fills for their members so you can go in twice a week to get your fill if you would like to have an ever- full look to your lash line. 


How they’re removed

To get your lashes removed you should book an appointment with a professional, as trying to remove them at home can be very damaging to your lashes and eyes. Once you’re with a professional tech, they’ll start by putting eye pads under your eyes to protect the surrounding skin, as well as taping your bottom lashes down to keep them out of the way. The tech will then apply the glue remover using a micro swab. After it sits for a couple minutes, the tech will use a lint-free swab to brush out the extensions. Then your lashes are thoroughly rinsed to ensure there’s no left over glue or remover. After about 40 minutes you will be back to your natural lashes!

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