Do You Need to Take Breaks from Lash Extensions?

Do you ever need to take a break from Eyelash Extensions? 

Have you felt your lash extensions may be putting strain on your natural lashes? Do you feel you notice them falling out more often? Whatever your reason is for taking a break from your lashes we can help. Eyelash Club has free removal for our members. However, as long as lash extensions have been applied properly, they can be worn indefinitely. If you are wondering if you should give your lashes a break but don’t want to miss out on the easy to get ready mornings, let your lash tech know and have them switch to a shorter length or lighter weight lash. This will give you the feeling of a lash break without having to remove them completely. After months of having lash extensions it might be a big change to go without them so this is a good alternative to a full removal. 


How to remove your own lash extensions? (Don;t)

Many clients ask how can I remove these at home? The answer is don’t! Picking at your lashes will pull out your natural lash along with it. You will be left with no extensions and no natural lashes to apply mascara to. After picking them off you will have to wait at least a month for them to grow back, which means you don’t even have the option to get extensions until they grow back because there will be nothing to glue the extension to. With no true safe way to remove your lashes at home, if you’re looking to get your lashes removed, come into the Eyelash Club to get them professionally taken off. 


Ask your lash tech. eyelash, extensions, club

Our lash techs have hours upon hours of training and can see the difference between a healthy natural lash vs an unhealthy one. Simply ask your tech if your natural lashes could use a break. Lash extensions can virtually be worn forever as long as the application was correct and you are following the correct care steps as suggested by your lash tech. 


How long will it take for lashes to go back to normal?

Our lash cycles vary from person to person. On average your lash cycle is 30 days. This means if you went to another lash tech who did an improper application that compromised the health of your natural lashes, it could take more than a month for your natural lashes to return to normal. Hopefully that makes you think twice about the idea to get a cheap fill from an uncertified lash tech.

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