Why are Lash Extensions Trending?

Why Are Lash Extensions so Popular?

Lash extensions have become extremely popular world wide. Everywhere you look you can find women with beautiful, long, luscious eyelash extensions. Extensions were once only something for celebrities and the wealthier class, but now they have become popularized for the public and a new standard of beauty. Whether you want the big voluminous look or you would rather go for a natural classic lash, extensions are completely customizable for any look and any eye shape. Eyelash Club Tempe is here to give you any look your heart desires.


They Are Customizeable

Your lash extensions can be customized to fit not only your eye shape, but your look and personality as well. Everything from shape to length to volume to color and more can all be customized to help get the perfect set for you. No two people have the exact same eyes so it’s important your lash tech understands eye shapes and styles that will be fully customized to you.  Ask our experienced lash techs at the Eyelash Club to hand pick the perfect design for you. 


They Look Natural

At Eyelash Club all our eyelash fans are completely hand made by your lash tech. Our hand made fans give you the most natural look. With each set your lashes volume will increase anywhere from 100%- 600% depending on the look you want. Extensions are much more natural looking than strip lashes and give you more length and volume than any mascara. 


You’re Always Ready to Go

Wake up without the worry of applying strip lashes, or worse yet; mascara. Even become more confident without a trace of makeup on. With lash extensions you are always ready to go out. Believe it or not, many women who get lash extensions are not super glamorous. They are athletes, business women, people that are short on time or don’t want to wear makeup at all. Lash extensions give you the confidence to go out into the world and conquer whatever may come at you. 


If you’re interested in improving your look and your mornings check out our work on our Instagram, or book with us today by calling or texting 480-712-9839.

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