Now that you have taken the time and investment to have beautiful lashes, please take the time to review how to maintain them. With proper care and fills your eyelashes will last much longer…

Lash After Care

  1. Do not get lashes wet for 24-48 hours
  2. Use only oil-free products, creams, and cleansers
  3. Gently cleanse lashes TWICE daily after time has passed
  4. Poor hygiene can cause build up, infections, and affect the durability of the lash bond.
  5. Wash last in shower
  6. Do not let water pressure hit lashes. (Baby them.)
  7. Avoid extreme heat, humidity, & freezing weather (hot
    showers, saunas, be careful when opening an oven) – First 3 days
  8. Never use eyelash curler or mascara. If your lashes get tangled, use the mascara wand to gently brush them back into place. Do not brush when wet!
  9. Avoid pulling or touching your lashes (your fingers naturally have oil)
  10. Avoid sleeping face down on the pillow
  11. After cleansing, pat dry with towel, avoid using Q – tips or cotton. Then let them air dry.
  12. Avoid the lash line when applying facial and eye creams. Too many oil-based products can break down the adhesive
  13. DO NOT use regular or waterproof mascara.
  14. Avoid under eye creams and primer on eyelids. (Be mindful that whatever your lashes sit on closed will get on the extensions.)
  15. If setting spray is a must for you, spray product on your hand and apply before makeup.
  16. Beware of heat/flame
  17. Limit use of gel and liquid eyeliner. The ingredients will ruin the bond of your lashes. Protect your investment!
  18. Avoid spray tanning, if needed wait right before your fill to do it
  19. Arrive for touch ups every 2-3 weeks with the same preparation as a full set. On average we lose 1-5 lashes a day, so do not worry if you see some that have fallen out.
  20. Please remember to have eyes free from all makeup and mascara.
  21. PLEASE contact us with any sensitivity or irritation and DO NOT remove the lashes yourself

How To Wash Lashes

First wash off all makeup and cleanse eyelids. Next, press lash wash foam down into lashes, focusing on the base. (Baby shampoo as an alternative.) Rinse well, pat dry. Once dry, lightly brush if needed. Do not over brush, we want to avoid tension as much as possible. Wash 2 times a day.